June Holiday Programme - Mega Minds
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Grammar and Synthesis & Transformation (Paper 2) Masterclass

We have painstakingly trawled through years worth of past year papers from almost every primary school in Singapore. We noticed that a number of question types are always repeatedly tested, and it goes without saying that these question types are of ultra importance because they are most certainly going to be tested in the upcoming SA1 and SA2 exams. For the purposes of our June Holiday (Paper 2) Masterclass, we have designed a comprehensive guide that your child will receive, complete and master. With this guide, your child will be exposed to every single examinable question type for Grammar as well as S&T. This masterclass is the ultimate programme for Grammar and S&T mastery and we cannot encourage you enough to ensure your child signs up for it.

Thursday 5:15pm - 7pm
Teacher Algene
Physical @ Toa Payoh or Online via Zoom
Tackling Tricky Mathematics Questions (Paper 1) Masterclass

We hear the mantra everywhere: PSLE Math is getting trickier and more challenging! Whether that is good or bad, it is true. But what you probably may not know is that the challenge in PSLE Math is no longer just confined to Paper 2 problem sums. We have noticed that the MCQs and Short Answer Questions are also getting increasingly challenging.

For evidence of this trend, we need only look at the much talked about ‘ribbon’ question in 2017 and the ‘roll of tape’ question in 2020. These questions came as quite the shocker to students and teachers because few expected such brain-busting questions in Paper 1. So if you want your child to prepare well for the challenge in Paper 1, join our masterclass where we will tackle tricky questions in 3 key topics: Numbers, Fractions and Ratio.

ConquerApproaching ‘IQ’ Questions Masterclass

Another PSLE Math trend that we are sure you have heard about is the increasing emphasis on ‘IQ type’ questions. In 2019, students were challenged with the ‘semi-circles’ question and in 2020, had to deal with the mind-boggling ‘identical triangles” question.

Contrary to popular belief, such ‘IQ type’ questions should more accurately be referred to as Visualisation questions as students are tested on their spatial abilities to visualise complex shapes. But call it whatever you like, what is important is that such questions are here to stay and students aiming to do well in Math will have to be able to take down these questions. And this is where our Conquer ‘IQ” Questions Masterclass comes in!

To help students to navigate past Visualisation Questions, we have our very own Rearrange & Form method which has helped many students tackle Visualisation Questions with greater ease and confidence. As for the real kind of ‘IQ’ questions, we will be teaching numerical and logical reasoning skills to prepare your child and set him/her up for exam excellence!

Friday 11:00am - 12:45pm
Teacher Jeremy
Physical @ Toa Payoh or Online via Zoom