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Tips to Tackle Questions on the Water Cycle

The topic on Water Cycle has been examiners’ all time favourite during examinations. In fact, it is also related to Heat Energy, which tests the students’ understanding on BOTH topics in a single question. Unfortunately, the Water Cycle topic has been a tricky one amongst students as many tend to underperform for both of these […]

Techniques to Solve 3 Tricky Number Pattern Question Types!

Number Pattern Questions have always daunted many students.   While some believe that one requires a certain level of Mathematical talent to spot the pattern, others (insist) that a stroke of luck is required to breeze through such questions. Even if your child has solved the question, doubts will linger if they have miscalculated their […]

3R Programme: Revise, Recap & Reassure

  Mega Minds Academy will be conducting our annual Revise, Recap & Reassure (3R) Programme from 26 September to 1 October 2022. The 3R Programme is strategically scheduled just before the PSLE Written Examinations to provide one final exam preparation lesson for Primary 6 students.   Each of our English, Mathematics and Science 3R Classes comprise comprehensive […]

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