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Our Story

Mega Minds is more than just a learning centre that offers enrichment that is bang for your buck. Mega Minds is focused on fulfilling a social cause - one that makes sures every child everywhere gets to be enriched by nothing short of a quality education.

Mega Minds came into conception as we wanted to revolutionise education in Singapore, but realised that Think Teach (www.thinkteachacademy.com) could only cater to a privileged percentage of students. Mega Minds fills this gap by providing quality education at affordable prices so that all students can have access to quality education.

At an average fee of $125 a month, Mega Minds is affordable for virtually every household in Singapore. At that fee, Mega Minds is unabashedly the lite version of Think Teach. At Mega Minds, you still get qualified tutors and a world class curriculum which is adapted from that of Think Teach. Extra resources like summary notes and teaching videos will be entirely optional instead: parents of Mega Minds do not have to but can choose to purchase them for an additional fee.

Mega Minds has been in operation for only a year and we are already so proud of the direction it is heading. Riding on the goodwill and reputation of Think Teach, Mega Minds already boasts a few hundred students from P1 to P6 doing English, Mathematics and Science, with an increasing number of students every month.

We are also receiving many heartfelt messages from parents who are grateful of what we are trying to accomplish at and with Mega Minds. Such wonderful words give us validation of the good work we are doing.

Our hope for Mega Minds is that it will grow to be the centre that you see in every neighbourhood. Every neighbourhood will be served by a Mega Minds centre and every child will therefore have the opportunity to experience what Mega Minds has to offer.


Algene LL.B. (Hons) LL.M.


Shou Yee B.B.M. (Hons) B.Sc (Econs) (Hons)


Dr. Boon Heng Ph.D., M.Eng.(Hons), B.Eng.(Hons)

Academic Director

Jeremy B.Sc. (Econs) (Hons)

Principal Tutor and Head of Programmes

Teacher Pei Fang

Math and Creative Writing

Teacher Hui Xuan

English, Math and Science

Teacher Diana

English and Creative Writing

Teacher Shannon


Teacher Kristal

English and Math

Teacher Louie


Teacher Sheldon

English and Creative Writing

Teacher Erica

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