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How Licia learnt a structured approach and score full marks for English.

Licia joined our P6 English class in January 2022. At the beginning of the English programme, she found the Comprehension Cloze and Comprehension Open-ended questions the most challenging sections in PSLE. She was barely passing both components, often scoring 7-9 out of 15 for Compre Close and 10-12 out of 20 for Compre open ended.


In the first few attempts of doing Comprehension Cloze exercises in the course, Licia did not really know what techniques could be applied to get the correct answers. She could not get full marks in the Comprehension Open-ended questions that required high order thinking skills either.


In Mega Minds Academy, we teach our students useful reading techniques explicitly. We emphasise on analysing different question types with students and equipping them with practical reading techniques such as looking for contextual clues, referencing and inferencing skills so that they can score better marks in exams. This was something new to Licia as she was never taught to answer questions in a structured manner.


With time, Licia acquired various learning skills taught in our English programme. We are glad that she could appreciate our approach to English and has become more vigilant in attempting exam questions by highlighting keywords in questions and texts.  


With more confidence in English learning, she has made improvement not only in comprehension exercises but also in other sections of PSLE English Paper 2 and 4. Having scored full marks in the recent school’s PSLE English Prelim Paper 2 Booklet A and 25/30 in Paper 4 by using the AROSE approach that we introduced her in our course, Licia’s improvement in English is impressive! Her hard work really paid off!



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