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Assessing Sporting Achievements of Primary Schools in Toa Payoh

In this blogpost, find out what sports the Primary Schools in Toa Payoh are good at! 



Competitive sports offers an additional dimension to every child’s education in areas that may not always be easy to replicate elsewhere, such as humility when celebrating a victory, accepting defeat gracefully, critical thinking, physical fitness, quick decision making and moral reasoning. 


In addition, the introduction of sport in the school environment provides a social network for children from a diverse range of race, language, religion, gender or socioeconomic background, to have a common interest outside the classroom to bond over, setting the stage from strong social cohesion from a young age. 


As a member of the community in Toa Payoh, we will assess what sporting achievements our Primary Schools in Toa Payoh have made recently.



Rugby – St Andrew’s Junior School – National 3rd in 2022


Photo Credit: St Andrew’s Junior School, 2022


Saints (SAJS) rugby has had a long and memorable history and since junior rugby kicked off in 1996, they have won 8 out of 10 South Zone titles and 7 out of a possible 10 National titles. Over the years, they have grown from just 1 competition squad of U12’s to a massive 6 competition teams and 6 development squads (U8, U9, U10, U11, U13). Since then, SAJS is one of the most developed rugby playing junior schools in Singapore, currently mentoring about 160 boys.



Tennis – CHIJ Toa Payoh – National 2nd in 2022

Photo Credit: CHIJ Toa Payoh Primary, 2022


The CHIJ Tennis Team comprises the Recreation Club, Development Squad and the Training Squad.  It was established in the 1990s and has been one of the leading teams in the National School Games Competition, emerging as one of the top four positions every year. The Development Squad aims to prepare our young and vibrant players for the Training Squad while the Recreation Club allows students of all levels to experience tennis through fun and games, drills and routines.



Swimming – CHIJ Toa Payoh – National 3rd in 2022

Photo Credit: CHIJ Toa Payoh Primary, 2022 


The CHIJ Toa Payoh (Primary) Swim team comprises the Elementary, Intermediate and Advance groups. Students in the Elementary Group go through water confidence assessment and learn basic swimming skills.  Students in the Intermediate and Advance Group learn to build up on their endurance of the front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly stroke. Swimmers who are able to meet the qualifying time for the National School Games Swimming Competition will be selected to represent the school that consistently win honours every year!



Basketball – First Toa Payoh Primary School – National 3rd in 2022, Kheng Cheng School – South Zone 2nd in 2022

Photo Credit: First Toa Payoh Primary School, 2022 


Photo Credit: Kheng Cheng School, 2022


First Toa Payoh Primary has consistently been competing for national honours since the early 2000s and winning the South Zone Basketball competitions every year. Kheng Cheng School is close on the heels of First Toa Payoh Primary, often putting a tough fight to win the South Zone Basketball competitions. 



Netball – Marymount Convent School – National 4th in 2022

Photo Credit: Marymount Convent School, 2022 


With the backing of a close knit parent support group made up of alumni, volunteers and parents of current athletes, the Marymount Convent School netball team has been consistently competing at the national level. The team has also produced several netball athletes that have secured direct school admission to The Singapore Sports School and many other secondary schools with netball teams that compete at the national level. 



Table Tennis – Pei Chun Public School – South Zone 1st in 2022


Pei Chun Public School brushed aside the disappointment of finishing runners-up in 2021, as they came from behind to defeat Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) 3-1, in the grand final of the South Zone Senior Division Table Tennis campaign of the National School Games (NSG). 



Consistent with ex Minister of Education, Mr Heng Swee Keat’s vision of “Every School, a Good School,” there will always be a school that excels in a sport that is the best for your child in their own way. With that we wish your child a successful journey of education to become well rounded individuals.


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