September Holiday Programme - Mega Minds
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September Holiday Programme


Mega Minds Academy’s P5P6 September Holiday Programme 2022 will take place during the 1-week school holiday period (Monday, 05 Sep and Friday, 09 Sep 2022). Our September Holiday intensives will focus on everything your child must know before he or she enters the exam hall. It will also cover question trends and question types that are being spotted for this year’s PSLE.



Grammar and Synthesis & Transformation, and Comprehension Open-Ended (Paper 2) Masterclass (Suitable for P5 & P6 students)


We all know the importance of the Continuous Writing component in PSLE English. But in addition to that, we have identified 3 crucial Paper 2 components that would serve as the AL differentiator for this year: Grammar, Synthesis & Transformation, and Comprehension Open-ended.

To give your child a final boost, we’ll revise important question types and cover a series of useful techniques that can help your child avoid mistakes and score for these sections. Rest assured that there will be more than ample questions prepared for your child to practise and apply what was taught. We expect your child to come out of our PSLE English Intensive feeling more confident to tackle the upcoming PSLE!


Date: Monday, 05 Sep 2022
Time: 1pm – 3:30pm

Teacher: Algene
Medium: Online via Zoom




Popular 5 Marks Problem Sums Question Types (Suitable for P5 & P6 students)


We all know that those challenging 5 marks problem sums have always been the AL differentiators for Math. You would also be interested to know that in this year’s PSLE, those heavily weighted 5 marks problem sums mentioned earlier would likely be tested in the form of Whole Numbers, Fractions, Ratios and Percentages.

We found this out after studying the question types schools had tested for their SA1 and Prelims. To give your child a final boost, we have designed our PSLE Math Intensives to focus on these absolutely vital topics. We will expose your child to a number of popular 5 marks problem sums question types, and also show how our results-proven techniques can be used to tackle them. Expect your child to emerge from our PSLE Math Intensive feeling more motivated and ready to take on the upcoming PSLE!


Date: Friday, 09 Sep 2022
Time: 12:15pm – 2:00pm
Teacher: Jeremy
Medium: Centre Based Classes at Toa Payoh or Online via Zoom




Crucial Concepts and Topics from P3 and P4 (Suitable for P5 & P6 students)


Do not make the mistake of neglecting your P3 and P4 topics! You might not know this but alongside P5 and P6 topics, P3 and P4 topics are tested heavily in Booklet A (MCQs) and as applications questions in Booklet B. With so much to revise, we have done you the favour and narrowed down a select few concepts and topics from P3 and P4. These will be of utmost importance and we can almost guarantee that they will be tested.

To give your child a final boost, we have designed our PSLE Science Intensive to act as a final revision and reinforcement of important concepts. We will also be covering and sharing our templated answering structures to a number of important MCQ and Booklet B application questions that your child must know. With our signature answering templates and writing structures, your child will be better placed to sail smoothly past Booklet A (MCQs) and score maximum marks for Booklet B (Application Structured Questions).


Date: Friday, 09 Sep 2022
Time: 2:00pm – 3:45pm
Teacher: Jeremy
Medium: Centre Based Classes at Toa Payoh or Online via Zoom




$50 nett for Math or Science

$60 nett for English

Get a 10% discount if your child is an existing MMA student.

In addition, there will be an automatic 10% discount for 3 subjects enrolled.



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